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Rocco and Aja's lttle bundles of joy are finally here.  Aja gave birth to 10 beautiful strapping male & female pups born on May 18th, 2017.

5 beautiful strapping 3 males & 2 females still available


Welcome to Braveheart Kennels

Here at Braveheart Kennels we raise standard and plush coated West German Shepherd and Czech German Shepherd dogs with extensive bloodlines and exceptional qualities. Our breeding program produces various levels of energy drive. For example: medium drive for the average family wanting a gentle, loyal and loving dog or high energy for sports enthusiast interested in SAR or Schutzund work.

Our bloodlines consist of healthy dogs with sound temperament and proven pedigrees. We maintain the exceptional European GSD standard by carefully evaluating each breeding pair to ensure only highest qualities are passed on to the next generation.


I am dedicated to breeding and raising high quality GSD for loyalty, companionship and workability. Our number one goal is to provide you with your special life long friend.

West German Shepherd Male / Stud

Czech German Shepherd K-9 Female

Rocco Von Rheinhardt


Father         Mother


Aja Vom Braveheart (Vom Hester)


Father  Mother

West German Shepherd Female

West German Shepherd Female 

Laya Von Braveheart (Haus Rauch)


Father   Mother


Eva Von Braveheart (Haus Rauch)


Father   Mother






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