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Alexis Von Braveheart - Female


Lexi is currently 22 months old and an amazing companion. She is intelligent and protective of the family, especially me and that's exactly what we wanted. I like hiking by myself in the mountains and I need a protector and she's that. Lexi was a joy to train due to learning quickly. She has had some professional training but I have done the majority of it. She knows the basics such as lay, sit shake and stay, but I have also taught her place, left heel, right heel, go right or left, go around objects go down slides, sign language to stop, come, stay, direction of place by pointing, cross objects using hand signals such as picnic tables, benches ect. And last but not least she is currently learning personal protection. I really don't think that there is anything that my girl couldn't learn. I highly recommend Bravehearts companions to anyone regardless of your requirements. I wouldn't take the world and all that's in for my girl.

Date Added: 01/02/2015 by HM Kanaan












Since the first day we brought Bella home she has been part of our family. From crate, potty training to walking on leash it was as if she already new all of this. It was an easy transition for us. She is incredibly athletic and very smart. She is constantly looking for new games to engage in and a wonderful running companion. I also feel extremely safe when I'm alone at home. The moment she senses or smells something unfamiliar to her she comes running to me as if in protective mode. We feel so blessed to have Bella as part of our family.




Mason Jaxx Von Braveheart - Male

Mason Jaxx Von Braveheart was born March 29, 2016 and joined us on July 8, 2016. He hasn’t stopped growing in height and weight or gaining a piece of our hearts since. When he came into our lives, hearts, and home we could tell immediately he was smart, sometimes clever, and exceptionally good natured. We immediately began socializing him with other dogs and people. Our involvement was minimal as he seems to naturally bond with others in our neighborhood. After a bit we introduced him to new experiences and take him with us to the bank, the post office, and to our neighborhood coffee shop. He is extremely well behaved when visiting these, or other establishments. Over Halloween he ‘played’ the big bad wolf while I was Little Red Riding Hood. And playing the part is right as we found ourselves surrounded by small children who wanted to pet, “the Big Bad Wolfe”. Mason was calm and gentle with even the youngest of children. He’s a complete joy to us and a delight to those who’ve met him.




Good  Afternoon,

"Mason has been an absolute pleasure to work with. His calm demeanor, and intense work ethic make for a very studious pup, successful at whatever task you put him to. He's very gentle, loving, and cautious of strangers- then the moment mom and dad approach said stranger with outstretched hands, Mason is just as instantly accepting. He's handsome, fit, works well, great size, and healthy, not much more you could ask for from a GSD. I fell in love with Masons personality and work ethic so much, I've been looking to get one of his siblings for myself."

-Mountain Sanz, Trainer at Off Leash K9 Training





These are pictures of our Girl Roxy, she is the best dog ever...she is so smart with little effort she leans new things...she heals off leash, sits, stays and comes on command...I highly recommend this kennel for you next fur babyand the love she has for
my granddaughter is unreal...







Diesel (Itar) has gotten VERY large!!!! And still has lots of growing left to do! He's smart as ever, and is getting more protective the older he gets. I can't find a single flaw in him, I wouldn't take anything 4 him!!!! I highly recommend Roy to anyone who wants a tough, loving, protective, and BRILLIANT shepherd. That's exactly what u will get from him! :) Thank You Roy!!!!!



He weighs in at 77lbs. and is 7 months old and Virginia is where he calls home. 







Ja Ja is an amazing Girl who loves her big brother Sampson. She loves to swim in her pool and play chase in her backyard! She is extremely friendly and loves everyone in our neighborhood!.





Here is my Sampson I got from you 17 months ago he needs a playmate. Great dogs,
Sampson is loyal, a great retriever, and amazing watch dog! we love him dearly!"







Kodiak is doing well. He is growing very fast.  Still a bit immature but that can be expected.  But listening very well as I only have to tell him a command once.  He walks with me off lead now.  We even walk along the road so I trust him that much. 





He is a great dog
We love ❤ him so much Can't even imagine a day without Panzer now.












He has been fantastic. He is a fast learner. Yesterday we had him around 2 baby's and he was perfect. Today we visited my father and he had his first experience with water. Wasn't expecting him to jump right in but he did. Had to warm him up and dry him off. Best puppy i have ever encountered.




We met with my trainer today .. His words "he'll be a really cool dog - if you're ready for a Corvette" He's a great family dog and now I have high hopes of getting him titled!

He sat still for a minute, lol! And just an FYI ... Working with my trainer last week - He said "I REALLY like this dog" And he's worked with and owned some incredible dogs ... He really see's something in Ammo ߘ? He truly is a special dog and we all love him (but he's definitely a momma's boy?) He goes EVERYWHERE with me and is so eager to please!!

He's so smart and courageous- Just what the breed is supposed to be! He's got incredibly drive and bite-grip, a level head and awesome nose... He's amazing!  Thank you for such responsible breeding! I'll update you on our progress ߘ?





Zena has brought such joy and laughter to our family. We are loving every moment of seeing our pup grow up. She is sweet and feisty, curious and determined, endlessly energetic and way too smart for her own good. Zena enjoys long walks, playing hide-and-go seek, learning new tasks, and of course, playing fetch.  




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